Remember, remember… (Tente lembrar)

Sometimes we forget
that the simpler things
are not always easy to see

Sometimes we forget
that, the more we learn,
the more alert we should be

Sometimes we forget
that everything we know
is more likely a grain in infinity

Sometimes we forget
and we fall…

Às vezes, a gente se esquece
que as coisas mais simples
não são tão fáceis de ver.

Às vezes, a gente se esquece
que, quanto mais aprendemos,
mais cuidado devemos ter.

Às vezes, a gente se esquece
que, por mais que saibamos,
beira o nada, nosso saber.

Às vezes, a gente se esquece,
e cai…

Publicado por rvcoutinho

I am Rômulo Valente Coutinho - an enthusiastic Brazilian entrepreneur and Java EE developer! I've been working using all the top software engineering practices and processes. I am also extremely interested in mobile applications, lean, design thinking, social media, SEO and more... Despite all my technical skills, I've experienced that my personal qualities are my most important abilities: commitment, hard working, patience and a multidisciplinary view have led me to solve problems in the most different situations. As Siddhartha (Hermann Hesse) has once said, I also believe that "Writing is good, thinking is better. Being smart is good, being patient is better.". I love to program (Java!), to read (from novels to psychology), to travel (all around the world), to exercise ("Mens sana in corpore sano") and to meet new people.

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